Book and Comic Chronology

A Chronology of the Rivers of London Books

People have been asking about where the comics fit into the chronology so I thought a blog was in order. One caveat - the short story The Home Crowd Advantage is obviously set in 2012 during the London Olympics but because it was written before the chronology of the series had firmed up it contains a number of anachronisms. I've learnt to be philosophical about this sort of thing.

This is not the same as publication order.

Rivers of London
(Midnight Riot)
The Home Crowd Advantage
Short Story
Moon Over Soho
 Whispers Under Ground
Broken Homes
Body Work
Foxglove Summer
Night Witch and Black Mould

 The Furthest Station
 The Hanging Tree

A Book of Cunning Device
Short Story
Detective Stories and Cry Fox
Lies Sleeping


The Archivist said...

Strange question, but what is the Furthest Station Novella? I can't find anything about it anywhere?

Ben Aaronovitch said...

I've only just finished it yesterday.
Publication dates will be announced as soon as I have them.

Julie Ackland said...

Even worse, as an ex Londoner based in Melbourne I had not heard of the comics and novellas - and now desperate to track them down. Ben- thanks for Peter and the nightingale and a great link to London - I try to picture the places in my 10 year old mental map of London, Russell Sq, the Elephant and Mayfair. Please keep Peter magic-ing!

Amy Ann said...

I am rereading all your books after just finishing The Hanging Tree. As an American who hasn't ever been to London (or anywhere for that matter...typical) I am google mapping as I read and enjoying getting to know London as a character as well. I'm hoping you are trying to get someone to pick these books up for a TV series because they would be amazing...(especially now that Sherlock may/may not be done).

Joel Polowin said...

We've been enjoying the The Hanging Tree audio book immensely. Am I correct in thinking that "Saint Samuel, the patron saint of policemen" is an allusion to Terry Pratchett's books?

May I offer a small tactical suggestion to Peter? Strictly on the basis of: ideas aren't subject to copyright, no compensation expected nor desired, blah blah etc.

Kalina Vanderlei Silva said...

Mr Aaronovicht, where can I find A Book of Cunning Device?

Ben Aaronovitch said...

This is a short story I wrote for Audible to raise money for charity.
Audible haven't told me when they're planning to release it yet.

Joe said...

"Any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic" When our heros are asked about aliens, they say," Not yet." Here's a thought, they do meet aliens, and not only do they possess advanced tech, they are practitioners.